Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resources for fighting white genocide on the net

This is a little site I put together that has some common statements anti-whites will use to justify the genocide of my race, the white race. Below each statement is some responses that people fighting white genocide have used. The format of the Statement and Response is as follows:

Anti-white: (An anti-white statement here)
White: (A white response here)

Sometimes you will see:


This indicates that there are multiple possible ways to address a specific statement made by an anti-white. Choose the one most appropriate for the situation.

Be sure to visit the page titled "The Mantra" this is an important tool because it covers all the bases and humiliates the anti-white when they realize you have gotten to the heart of their agenda.

Some replies will have "+ MANTRA" after them. This means that it is a good idea to post the mantra after the initial reply. It may also be suitable to post the mantra after replies that don't have "+ MANTRA" . Use your good judgement.

The page titles you can find on the left of the screen classify different types of arguments you will run into when fighting white genocide.

I use this site to cut and paste from when posting online, to save time. If you have a good one respone let me know in the comments or post it here: http://www.whitenewsnow.com/forums/bob-whitakers-pro-white-bbq/6146-mantra-action-questions-answers-arguments.html

If you you can improve on one of the replies or please let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading!


  1. Good luck with the site. I will read through the site and comment. Be sure to visit twitter and subscribe to Team_Mantrastic to find youtube videos where the mantra has crushed antiwhites like worms.

  2. Icelandic version on-line. Work in progress...

  3. I'd like to ask for a favor. Can some of you take a look at this mantra exchange I had on Kennys Sideshow and give me a critique on how it could improve. One problem I had was that Kenny deleted my posts if I repeated the Mantra, so I couldn't repeat it every time like Bob says to do. Anyhow, take a look at this anonymous idiots responses and let me know if you have any ideas.


  4. Dark Age, I liked how you just kept reffering him back to the mantra when he said "how is immigration genocide"

    I loved it when he got all riled up at "anti white"

    When someone gets all upset like that the only thing you should do is just keep the facts back at them. I think you did an excellnt job.

  5. Hey Gavin, Thanks for the feedback. I was a little frustrated by not being able to repeat the whole thing and frankly, the name calling got me a bit heated and angry, but I tried not to respond like the potty mouth I was debating and keep it on point. I know in most cases we are really talking to the silent majority reading the debate and just trying to corner the anti-white stooges and make them look like the hateful idiots they are. Thanks again for the encouraging words!

  6. Remember when you post, your intenet should not be to convince an ardent antiwhite that you are correct, it is to influence the readers. try not to let yourself get angry. Make a point...if you get po'ed, walk away, regroup and come back or post for help on BUGS.

  7. I just found this, fantastic site, excellent resources. But I have a question. I have many debates about the topic of racism in real life. But minorities always seem to claim that they can be "prejudice" but not "racist" because they cannot effect anything, as they claim white people have all the power.

    I know the answer is that whites do not control anything, but I cannot say that in person because of the fact that I work in a highly diverse environment, and if I brought up Jews, I'd get laughed at. What else can I say?

  8. Shane. You need to learn how to argue from the moral highground. You need to have a consistsnt message. If you don't have a consistant message you won't be persuasive. My consistant message is white genocide. Anytime you start talking about who has power or anything like that you are off message and are going to lose. Read the stuff here and listen to whiterabbitradio.net and you will soon learn how to destroy anti-whites in conversation.

  9. I wrote about my take on the issue at:


    Let me know what you think.