Americas, Aus/NZ & South Africa Specific

Anti-white: We are a nation of immigrants

White: We are a nation of pioneers and builders. We created, founded and built these nations. We did not "immigrate" to them. When you excuse replacement of white children in their own homes, you are justifying genocide.

Anti-white: Why don't you go back to Europe then?

White: Europe is undergoing the same worldwide program of white genocide. + Mantra

Anti-white: Native Americans/Aborigines/Blacks/Maori were here first/Whites colonized places/Whites are bad etc...

White1: Anti-whites have a million excuses but your goal is always massive non-white immigration into ALL white Countries and ONLY into White countries. Your goal is genocide.

White2: I don't see how this justifies white (can substitute with specific nationality) children being replaced in their own home.

White3: If you honestly think that the land you live on is stolen then it is your moral responsibility to give your portion to whomever you think it rightfully belongs to and leave. After you've done that, then I'll tell you why you're wrong.