Anti-white: Anti-racist is not a code word for anti-white

Try to stop whites from changing the culture of a non-white country and you are called an anti-racist
Try to stop non-whites are changing the culture of a white country and you are called a racist

Anti-racists create and defend Black, Jewish and Asian organizations.
Anti-racists attack and destroy white organizations.

Where whites are a minority (South Africa) anti-racists cry MAJORITY RULE!
Where whites are a majority (USA) anti-racists cry MINORITY RIGHTS!

Anti-racist is code word for anti-white

Anti-white: Are whites being forced to intermarry? No.

White: You will be condemned for racism if you oppose intermarriage. In my country you can go to jail for racism. In some countires you lose your job and your life is ruined.

The government protects the right to be anti-white but tries to do away with the right to be pro-white.

Anti-white: I also condemn racism against white people./I think white people should be able to immigrate to other countries too.

White: This is how your "anti-racism" WORKS on Planet Earth: "Quotes the mantra"

Anti-white: I also think that chinese racism towards vietnamese is wrong.

White: It doesn't matter if you ALSO believe horses are purple. The point is that what you are pushing this: + MANTRA

Anti-white: Most anti-racists are white, How can they be anti-themselves?

White: It's called treason, dumb-dumb. It happens all the time.

You've never HEARD of self-hatred?

Anti-white: I think white people can immigrate to wherever they want. Anti-racist is not a codeword for anti-White. I am against racism, in all its forms. I am against, say, a Japanese person or a Zulu or whatever being racist against European peoples.

White: You are part of a program to end the existence, SPECIFICALLY, of the white race. That is its PRACTICAL, REAL result. To say that is not anti-white is like saying that those who supported slavery were just objectively pro-property. + MANTRA

Anti-white: I hate all racism this includes the KKK and neo-nazi's but also the NAACP, La Raza and Jesse Jackson

White: But you only seek to DESTROY one race: + MANTRA