Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resources for fighting white genocide on the net

This is a little site I put together that has some common statements anti-whites will use to justify the genocide of my race, the white race. Below each statement is some responses that people fighting white genocide have used. The format of the Statement and Response is as follows:

Anti-white: (An anti-white statement here)
White: (A white response here)

Sometimes you will see:


This indicates that there are multiple possible ways to address a specific statement made by an anti-white. Choose the one most appropriate for the situation.

Be sure to visit the page titled "The Mantra" this is an important tool because it covers all the bases and humiliates the anti-white when they realize you have gotten to the heart of their agenda.

Some replies will have "+ MANTRA" after them. This means that it is a good idea to post the mantra after the initial reply. It may also be suitable to post the mantra after replies that don't have "+ MANTRA" . Use your good judgement.

The page titles you can find on the left of the screen classify different types of arguments you will run into when fighting white genocide.

I use this site to cut and paste from when posting online, to save time. If you have a good one respone let me know in the comments or post it here: http://www.whitenewsnow.com/forums/bob-whitakers-pro-white-bbq/6146-mantra-action-questions-answers-arguments.html

If you you can improve on one of the replies or please let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading!